AMT Precision Parts...
More than Just Winder Tooling

In addition to manufacturing perishable tooling for all AMT and Industrial Products equipment, we manufacture any replacement parts from drawings provided by customers or through our AMT Engineering Office.

AMT Precision Parts is equipped to manufacture a multitude of perishable tooling for any type of stator and alternator equipment including but not limited to:
- Coil Winding Machines
- Coil Insertion Machines
- Stator Lacing Machines
- Preform Presses
- Drift Presses
- Blocking Presses
- Wedgemaking Machines
- Alternator Winding Machines
- Alternator Insertion Machines
- Slot Cell Insulation Machines

Here are a few examples of the perishable tooling we produce regularly for customers around the world:
- Insertion Blades
- Wedge Guides
- Wedge Pushers
- Blade Holders
- Blade Aligners
- Strippers
- Flyer Arms
- Lacing Needles
- Wedge Magazines
- Cuff Supports
- Forming Dies
- Arbor Cages
- Pressing Blades
- Winding Forms
- Wire Cutters
- Wire Clamps
- Stator Core Alignment Tools

If you need fast turnaround, use AMT Precision Express