AMT Precision Parts and AMT Customer Testimonials

At AMT Precision Parts we put the customer first. We strive to respond promptly to customer demand and provide service that satisfies our customers. We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we frequently receive.

“I’ve been working with AMT Precision Parts since they opened their doors in 1995. The work that they have provided us has always exceeded expectations but it’s their drive to get the details exact and their integrity and respect that mean the most. It’s not just getting the job done right but getting it right and on time that keeps them on speed dial.”

Jack - Customer of AMT Precision Parts

“So impressed with the folks at AMT Precision Parts. They are continually focused on our specific business needs and have proven over and over again that they’ll go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. They keep building our trust with attention to the smallest of details that keeps us on target and looking good with our customers”

Fred - Customer of AMT Precision Parts

“We are continually under pressure to maintain our replacement tooling budget. AMT Precision Parts understands the demands and responsibilities of doing business globally. They work with us to meet or even come in under budget with every job they manufacture for us, all while maintaining the high quality products they’ve built their reputation on.”

Cynthia - Customer of AMT Precision Parts

"I want to express my appreciation to you and the entire team at AMT Precision for the expedited turnaround on the tools you sent out last night.

On Tuesday night there was a mistake made during the changeover on the machine and the tool set was destroyed on the first cycle and we didn't have any spares for replacement. This was a very serious situation for us (and me) because we were totally unable to build parts.  Expedited lead time from our normal supplier in Spain is one week. Because of Precision Part's fast response we only missed one shipment to our customer and we were able to avoid causing them downtime.

We installed the new tools last night and they took off running.  They are working perfectly.

I know how disruptive it is to jump on a crash-job like this and I feel fortunate that we have a relationship that permits something like this to happen.  I know these tools are somewhat complex and that it takes a team of skilled people to pull off something like this so quickly.  I sincerely appreciate what you and your team in the shop was able to do to help us.

Thanks again for all the effort to help us.  Please pass my thanks to the rest of the team."

Bill - Customer of AMT Precision Parts